At Martin North, true hospitality isn’t just for our visitors, it extends to the team who serves our guests each day.  We have a deep commitment to the people who choose to work at our properties, and have partnered with the team at Columbia Hospitality to provide the best for our staff. Our team is at the heart of every guest interaction, from a first booking to the trip home. They bring our values and culture of service to life, and  deliver the care and experiences that bring our guests back year after year.

We’re committed to being the best company we can be for our employees, and we partnered with Columbia to make that possible.  As a team, Columbia Hospitality:

  • recognizes and rewards excellent guest service
  • creates a working environment where people can flourish
  • offers the opportunity to build a lifelong career with growth potential and moving across different businesses
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From part-time seasonal to management-level, every employee receives hands-on training in the Martin North approach to guest service from a team of some of the finest hospitality leaders in the industry.

Martin North’s five distinct properties means employees have opportunities for cross-training and career advancement. Each of our properties is a center for learning—whether you’re interested in hospitality marketing, catering and events, guest entertainment or operations.  No other company on the Oregon Coast offers our breadth of professional experiences.

Meet Garret

Garret Rogers started in 2015 as a prep cook through a special partnership with Seaside High School and the National Restaurant Association’s Pro-Start program. The program matches motivated students who want to work in hospitality with employers who commit to providing training and leadership in the industry. Today Garrett is at Public Coast Brewing under the guidance of brewer Will, where he’s foraging in Will’s own garden for ingredients like blackberries and rosemary to flavor their seasonal beers.



We offer both seasonal and year-round employment opportunities. Whether you seek a summer job or long-term career, service work to front of house management, our properties provide a wide range of positions, the ability to take on extra hours at a sister-property if desired, and opportunities for professional growth.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Willyard started out as a summer employee during high school. Today she’s able to attend college and work for us in the summers and school breaks.

Martin North is a company I work for because I believe in the quality of their properties and employees. Work is enjoyable and successful because of the people I get to work with. I also love the response I get from guests when they tell me that our staff is hardworking and seem sincerely happy to do their jobs!

— Kelly Willyard



Martin North is not only family owned and operated, but we want our team to feel like part of that family, too.  The average length of employment is over seven years—a testament to the culture of personal growth and family we try to cultivate each day.

Meet Sue & Elfega

As one of our longest-term employees, housekeeper Sue Brander joined the Surfsand Resort team in 1980. Both Sue and Elfega Campos (who joined us in’89) have plenty of fans in our returning guests, who have gotten to know them and request to be on their floors!



Martin North is 100% locally owned and has been a family business for 38 years. Stephanie Martin Snyder grew up here; we are raising our family in this community as well. Our roots go deep. We are proud to have staff members whose siblings, spouses and children join the company as full- or part-time, seasonal employees.

Meet Sisters Rosalva, Sonia, Bertha & Yanet

Sisters Sonia and Rosalva Luna joined us in 2003, followed by their other siblings Yanet in 2004 and Bertha in 2008. All four sisters are still with us: three in housekeeping and one in the Stephanie Inn Dining Room. Their children now work for Martin North on weekends during the school year and throughout the summer.

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